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Your success is our business and we want to ensure you have the information and resources available to ensure that success...

PCI Services Provides

Whether it's people, property or information, we offer the knowledge and expertise, which will enable you to protect what's important.

Risk & Threat Assessments
Integrated Security Solutions
Protective Services
Information Security & Data Loss Prevention
Global Security Operations
Supply Chain Security
Anti-Counterfeiting & Product Protection

Any number of situations can disrupt your business or even your personal life, we can help you to be better prepared for the unknown by implementing detailed plans now, so you're prepared to react when an event that impacts you or your business occurs.

Risk Management
Disaster Preparedness & Business Continuity Planning & Evaluation
Disaster Recovery Planning & Evaluation
Crisis Management & Communication
Governmental Compliance

We can provide you with in depth analysis of all of your business channels, providing you with the insight needed to keep your business on course.

Business Assessment & Control
Corporate Governance
Business Intelligence & Financial Analysis
Return on Investment Analysis
Business Process & Profit Improvement
Supply Chain Management & Global Sourcing
Corporate Social Responsibility & Social Accountability
Risk & Loss Mitigation

We help you assess your organizations information and data and provide solutions that help you measure performance to improve efficiency and profitability. That same data can also be used to ensure compliance and reduce exposure, ensuring your investment and interests are protected.

Trial Consultation
Business & Criminal Investigations
Fraud Examination
Social Media Analysis and Investigations
Vendor Credentialing
Domestic & International Due Diligence & Business Partnership Vetting
Risk & Compliance Validation
Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

We have the ability to offer a broad selection of relevant course topics. Each of our instructors was selected for his or her unique combination of experience, skill and teaching philosophy. Together, these factors make for a great learning experience. Collectively our Instructor Team has more than 200 years of combined experience in the fields Law Enforcement & Military Operations, Investigations, Security, Counter-Terrorism, Counter Human Trafficking, Maritime & Logistical Operations, Manufacturing, School Administration, Continuity of Operations & Emergency Management, Firearms Use, Use of Force, Personal Protection, Force Protection and a number of other areas specific to both government and private industry.

Our courses of instruction assist professionals and practitioners in obtaining access to the experts and information in each discipline offered. We are continually reviewing and updating our curriculum to ensure you receive the most accurate and relevant information available.

Currently our courses of instruction include:

  • American Red Cross Advanced First Aid/CPR/AED
  • Workplace Violence and Threat Awareness
  • Situational Awareness
  • Active Shooter Training
  • First Steps - Introduction to Firearms
  • Home Firearm Safety
  • Personal Protection Plan Development
  • Home Security & Home Defense Planning
  • Multi-State Concealed Carry Course
  • De-escalation Strategies and Techniques Training
  • Personal Protection Inside the Home
  • Personal Protection Outside the Home
  • Personal Information Security Practices

Please check back in the future as we will continue to add new courses of instruction...


PCI Services specializes in all relevant training, security, ATF compliance and operational risk concerns that every FFL should be concerned with. As exclusive consultants to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, our consultants deliver reliable and professional industry-centric and impactful guidance to protect any FFL from unexpected crisis and compliance risks.

Our team of industry veterans specialize in ATF compliance and audit practices, ATF specific inventory management, internal and external loss control, employee integrity, investigations, physical security programs, risk mitigation, burglary prevention and crisis-preparedness. Our strategy and focus is to provide the expertise that improves your retail operation for the long-term and to be there in times of crisis and business recovery.

Our experts quickly and efficiently partner with you to improve efficiencies in the following areas;

• ATF compliance to A&D Records
• Form 4473 training and mock-audits
• Customized operational validation audits
• Firearms security and inventory management
• Workplace safety and OSHA compliance
• Integrity interviewing and investigations
• External theft and fraud prevention
• Pre-construction security system design and project oversight
• Periodic quality and guest service surveys
• Quarterly physical and operational control inspections
• Active shooter readiness
• Personnel safety and impulsive shooting training
• Crisis management preparedness, response and recovery
• Customized new hire orientation training for safety and integrity

We have seen outstanding results after partnering with, training and supporting FFL’s to conduct thorough and effective risk-management programs. Long-term impact includes improved operational efficiencies, shared industry best practices, improved ATF A&D and 4473 compliance, lower inventory losses, improved employee integrity and increased profits.

We are available for short and long-term engagements and can customize a program to services all of you risk-related needs.