Whether it's people, property or information, we offer the knowledge and expertise, which will enable you to protect what's important.

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Any number of situations can disrupt your business or even your personal life, we can help you to be better prepared for the unknown.

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We can provide you with in-depth analysis of all of your business channels, providing you with the insight needed to keep your business on course.

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We help you assess your organizations information and data and provide solutions that help you measure performance to improve efficiency.

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  • I have the privilege of working with John as he implemented several strategies while serving in various management and executive roles with major retailers. I have seen John progress over the years into a leader within the loss and risk management industry. John is a talented professional who has an in depth understanding of effective business technologies and programs. I endorse John as a leader within the loss and risk management industry and look forward to working with him in the future.

    Paul J.

  • I’ve known John for years and know very few people I can trust as much as I trust him. He recently paid me a visit in Vietnam and we spent some time during his visit going over my business and where I wanted to take things. All I can say is his insight and recommendations for growing my business were awesome. He helped me figure out what was relevant to my business and who I should focus on to get the message out. Hard to believe how much you can...

    Mark S.

  • We recently began working with PCI Services to develop a business strategy focused on risk mitigation and governmental compliance solution for the private sector. PCI’s no nonsense approach was refreshing. From our very first meeting, we identified all of the areas we could potentially focus our energy on and immediately began prioritizing. Right out of the gate we had determined the areas we needed to focus all of our energy on. It was remarkable how quickly they got our team focused on the top priorities and ensuring we all agreed...

    Paul C.

  • We were focused on a strategy to expand our commercial and industrial business verticals. I had worked with PCI Services previously and knew their track record for identifying opportunities for expansion as well as developing strategies to improve business controls. As an organization our focus was on providing solutions to the Defense Industry, protecting our military personnel from the enemy. I also knew we needed to ensure that we expand our horizons to ensure we remained both flexible and relevant in a volatile economy. John and team came in with...

    Kelly K.

  • I had worked with John for years and he was always a professional. We were starting a Church and I wanted to get his perspective on what we should do for security or if he thought we even needed security. Much to my surprise we weren’t even scratching the surface. John took us through a series of thought provoking conversations and we found out very quickly that we had a lot of work to do and we didn’t even know where to start. John eased our concerns quickly and helped...

    Thomas H.

  • I’ve known John as a friend for years. Unfortunately for John he became our family’s IT Support person whenever something went wrong with a PC or laptop. As a result of him always seeming to know how to fix things I realized that he might be able to help us with our business as well. John was very responsive, he took the time to assess our needs and knew that I had a budget. He was able to provide us with several options from email to file sharing to managing...

    Mike D.

  • I met John while attending a Denver professionals networking meeting. I was intrigued by the conversation we had regarding both his background and his firms focus. It wasn’t until a few weeks later that I realized what having a security firm like PCI Services there to support you means, especially when the unfortunate happened and my home was burglarized. Both John’s experience and knowledge as well as his relationship with the Police were unbelievable. The Police were able to find who did this and John was able to help me...

    Kris N.

  • The day that John spent with us went very well.  He clearly has the ability to dig under the surface and ask a level of questions that is very important in the areas of risk and security.  Our staff was very engaged and learned a great deal, both about what we are doing well and areas where we can improve. I received the final report from John and was very impressed with his understanding of our facility, systems, people, and procedures.  The feedback was spot-on with recommendations that completely make...

    Dick A.

  • John is one of the guys in Loss Prevention that get the big picture of how to protect company’s assets! I worked with John while we were getting 1-Look started and he was instrumental in assisting us in understanding how Organized Retail Crime use tools and systems that most retailers discount. John has the ability to see the next step in how ORC will evolve to move as retailers start to put processes in place to slow or reduce loss. John is one of the few in the industry that...

    Bryan Bouldin

    MOX Networks

  • As owner of Elevation Creation, a Denver based Marketing firm. We've worked with PCI Services for over a year. Their knowledge of Business Operations is extensive! I'd recommend PCI for a Business Process & Profit Review and if you work in any retail environment their Risk/Loss Mitigation services are essential.
    Daniel Montano

    Daniel Montano, President

    Elevation Creation

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